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How does Selenium find Elements?


45 minutes


If you are doing UI automation, there is a high probability that you are using Selenium. Either directly, or in some framework, or by some tool that is built on Selenium. But did you ever wonder what is going on under the hood? How does it use the browser? How does it find elements? If that sounds interesting to you, this is a presentation for you.

What? Do you want more? Just curiosity is not enough for you? A good understanding of tools is helpful when dealing with edge cases. Paraphrasing Simon Stewart if you are surprised by stale element exception it means you either don’t understand the page you are testing or you don’t understand the tool you are using. I won’t help you know your page, but I can help you get a better understanding of the tool.

During the presentation, we will look into the performance of different locator types. How to do quick experiments in code. What is going under the hood? What can we find in the standard?

Maciej Wyrodek

Maciej Wyrodek

Senior Automation Quality Engeenier at Objectivty, Poland

“I am part of that power which eternally wills evil and eternally works well”

Tester Specializing in Automation. Part of IT since 2011 He had the opportunity to work, among others, on projects for Objectivity, Dell, Volvo, Creditsafe, Jetshop, Kobo, Contium.

He became tester because outside becoming a demolition expert it was only available option to get paid for breaking stuff. Even though he specializes in Test Automation, his first love is Human Testing. He loves experimenting, seeing new things and how they affect his world.

Since 2016 tries to give more to the community by presenting at conferences, meetups, and workshops. In free time writing his blog thebrokentest.com. Where he aims to discuss different code smells in test automation.