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How automation testing helps us to sell luxury bags

March 2nd


Stage C


45 minutes


What is your first impression of a word Serenity? We also weren’t sure and thus checked the Urban dictionary. What we have found was the exact description of our test framework, which we have been using for 1 year already.

“Serenity is a loving, funny and caring person. When she’s in love, she loves hard. She will take you back even if you hurt me. She puts people over herself. Hardworking and smart. She doesn’t cry but when she does it’s streams create oceans. She is loud and will do her best to make you the best person possible. She sees beauty in everything but herself. But she’s amazing person to be in a relationship with. She’ll give you her mind, body and soul even when you don’t deserve it. Irreplaceable and hard to come by. Don’t give up on her because she won’t give up on you. She finds light in the darkest things. She’s the one you want to take home to your family. Athletic and always smiling. Serenity is not a common name and not a common person, so hold on to her.”
“Serenity is the whole package”
“Damn she looks good”

In my work, I would like to share with you our ups and downs, why we select Serenity and why sometimes we hate it but still love it. Why pure Selenium and BDD are cool and how Serenity can beats Selenide.

Live with me all the major periods of automation development in the Fashionette. Why is Serenity cool but not really?

Daria Bieliava

Daria Bieliava

Senior QA Engineer at Fashionette, Germany

Daria has been working in the QA industry for about 5 years. As an Engineer is hands-on and result-oriented. Daria is an ordinary girl who is against injustice and bad code. A tester who enjoys life, enjoys writing automated tests on different test frameworks.

Slides could be found here.