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Hermetic environment for your functional tests

Feb. 28


Stage A


50 min.


What are the most common problems with testing environments?

  • You are not the only one who is using it.
  • Test failures are not repeatable.
  • Test data can be easily messed up due to tests overlap.

Those problems are introducing flakiness in your tests, increase frustration level and decrease confidence in quality of a product you are building. Forcing your development team to have a testing queue increases delivery time dramatically. Creating zillions of environments does not sound as cheapest solution either.
At Spotify we experimented with different approaches on how testing environments can be configured: from shared environment to mocks, stubs and hermetic servers. During my presentation I will share the lessons we learned, what worked, what not and what is the direction we are pursuing in order to stabilise our testing suites.

Andrii Dzynia

Andrii Dzynia

SET at Spotify, Sweden

Being passionate hacking out with his first personal computer Andrii decided to start his career as software tester. Within years worked on various projects with different product complexities, from small mobile startups to large Enterprise programs. Tried himself in different roles, such as: software tester, test automator, scrum master, team leader, test consultant. As well as initiatives: speaker, trainer, conference organiser, blogger. Currently working at Spotify with focus on improving development productivity of agile teams applying engineering practices in order to minimise delivery cycle and improve product quality.