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Getting maximum from testing automation

Feb. 28


Stage B


50 min.


I am going to show what a huge benefit automation can bring, how to analyze issues that can occur on the way to success, overcome them and what we can do to get clear statistics and the best test results with a maximum profit for a project. I would like to share my own experience in test automation on a long term project where automation started two years ago and where now we have more than 5000 complex tests run per night including web, mobile web versions of the application and Sanity, Regression, Smoke sets.
I am going to talk on how automation started, what difficulties occurred with the increase of the test amount and what steps can be done to get a maximum profit with minimum investments of time for test support. Also, I would like to tell you about fast debugging of failed tests, and what reporting we need to have to make a customer happy.

Anton Sirota

Anton Sirota

DataArt, Ukraine

Anton is a QA Automation Lead in DataArt. An active speaker on DataArt’s QA Talks and QA School. Has built a successful strategy of test automation on a project and has led a team of 4 people. Has successfully built a framework for Mobile automation and has experience both in Java and C#. A mentor, teaching interns in the company and leading them to be Junior Test Automation Engineers. Was directly involved in the creation of Trainee programs in the company. Also, Anton has created and supervised the in-house company automation course – Thucydides.