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Flaky tests are a pain

March 2nd


Stage A


45 minutes


A test that was green yesterday can suddenly become red – for no apparent reason. Nobody changed anything. Just the moon is not in that phase. Just the matrix has you.

I will show my collection of real examples of flaky tests from my experience. These are really tricky investigations, that lasted many days, weeks and even years!

We’ll figure out how to write tests so that they are stable and independent of the karma of the developer.

My talk will be interesting to both testers and developers – anyone who loves to solve unsolvable puzzles.

Andrei Solntsev

Andrei Solntsev

Software Developer at Codeborne, Estonia

Andrei is a software developer with 15+ years of experience in enterprise software development and automated testing. Author of selenide.org – open-source library of concise UI tests. Active speaker at conferences and communities. Aggressive fan of clean code, XP, automated tests and TDD.

Slides could be found here.