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Extending GitHub Flow with practical testing

Feb 25th

14:00 – 14:45

Stage A


45 minutes


When team is working on a project, they are going to have a bunch of different features or ideas in progress at any given time – some of which are ready, and others which are not. GitHub introduce flow how to release this features with all steps of development. I’m going to share full working approach how to extend Github flow with practical and automated testing elements and full continous integrations improvements. I am pleased to share with you my acquired experience on real world projects with Github flow and high quality of products.

Andrii Soldatenko

Andrii Soldatenko

CTO at Ethoos, Ukraine

Andrii likes testing and programming. Hi is CTO in Ethoos. Also he is working as Senior Python Backend Developer via toptal under social network.

He boasts expertise as a Python and Golang developer with strong hard and soft skills. Andrii has deep knowledge of automated-testing and really understands how to assess and improve project quality. He likes to solve difficult tasks, algorithms and take part in sport programming contests. Also he is interested in databases and unix based operating systems and has fallen in love with natural language processing and text mining.

Slides can be found here.