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Excuse me, sir, do you have a moment to talk about tests in Kotlin?

Feb 25th

10:00 – 10:45

Stage C


45 minutes


Do you remember why your tests are written in language X? Because the project is being developed in language X? It was teamlead’s decision? Do you know good libraries and tools for language X? Maybe it’s time to try to write tests in language Y?

Yes, the tests’ language may differ from the project’s language. And if you are using Java, there are reasons why your tests’ language can be Kotlin. Don’t be afraid, Kotlin is not a rocket science. I’ll tell you how the features of this language make it possible to spend less time on the tests’ support. How strong typing can be similar to the dynamic one. And why your favorite libraries will stay with you. And, of course, the main thing – how to start. Where possible, a comparison with Java and Groovy will be made.

If you do test automation or you develop in Java/Groovy – come to my talk.

Leonid Rudenko

Leonid Rudenko

Test Automation Engineer at JetBrains, Russia

Leonid has been doing test automation in Web for about 7 years. In Yandex he lead a group which was responsible for test automation of Search interfaces. In JetBrains he works on integration testing of Team Tools.