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Endless Metamorphoses of Consciousness or The Saga of a Transformer Man


45 minutes


This presentation is perfect for those who are often tormented by the obscure doubts about the effectiveness of what they do. For perfectionists and innovators. For those who care about which direction to move forward and how to develop. For those, who sometimes suffer from impostor syndrome. Who are occasionally infuriated by their own impotence and by the indifference of others when it comes to solving everyday tasks. For people facing burn-out and the ones who doubt whether they’ve chosen the right path.

You will learn about:
– How a QA engineer transforms into SDET / Dev / Metahuman
– What are the possible development vectors of hard & soft skills at various transformation stages
– Why all the hype around SDETs and T-Shapers
– How to constantly hold yourself to a high standard

Sergey Korol

Sergey Korol

Technical QA Manager at Waverley Software, Ukraine

Sergey is a Technical QA Manager with over 10 years experience in IT. He has a strong expertise in raising up Development and QA processes from scratch. Consultant and mentor, speaker and open source contributor. At the moment Sergey is leading key projects in Silicon Valley working at Waverley Software.