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Effective UI tests scaling on Java

February 27th


Stage B


50 minutes


In this talk we’ll cover deep technical questions to get better understanding of some common issues and pitfalls we could face with while functional tests scaling:

– Static context: friend or enemy?
– Accurate Selenium Grid nodes’ identification: how to run tests on particular configuration?
– Generic DataProvider: how we can safely manage test data?
– Object pool: how to distribute unique entities between tests?
– Support tools: rebooting remote services and advanced screenshots processing.

You could find more information about this talk here.

Serhii Korol

Serhii Korol

GlobalLogic, Ukraine

6+ years experience in Software Testing. 4+ years experience in Web Automation. Strong expertise in creating test automation frameworks and raising up automation infrastructure from scratch. AT.INFO contributor and editor. Consultant and mentor.


Code samples may be found here.