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Developer + Tester = Quality++

March 2nd


Stage A


45 minutes


With Agile adoption many things have changed in quality assurance and tester role. Ourdays the whole team is responsible for product quality. But not so many people understand how such high level approaches work in practice, how developer interacts with tester, what stages each task passes on the way from requirements specification to customer acceptance, who is doing what at each stage.

I have met only few teams, where developer and tester work closely together on a daily basis. Some projects try to same money on developer’s time, others try to have independent testing team without influence from developers side. Developers also don’t understad how tester could help them in practice. But this pair is able to significantly improve product quality and avoid many common issues.

In this talk we will cover motivation behind pair work of develoeper and tester, concrete practices and approaches at different stages, and advantages that both sides could achieve from such work style.

Mikalai Alimenkou

Mikalai Alimenkou

Independent Consultant at XP Injection, Ukraine

Delivery Manager, Java Tech Lead, Solution Architect and independent consultant. Expert in Java development, scalable architecture, Agile engineering practices and project management. Having 13+ years of development experience, specializes on complex distributed scalable systems. Active participant and speaker of many international conferences. Founder and coach in training center XP Injection. Organizer and founder of Selenium Camp, JEEConf, XP Days Ukraine and IT Brunch conferences. Founder of active “Anonymous developers club” (uadevclub).