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Closing the Loop – Shifting Right & Observability


45 minutes


Shift Left is still a fantasy for most organizations, but what about Shift Right? It’s not just another buzzword–it’s short-hand for how to ensure your testing guides your release and post-release activities, and it feeds back into the planning cycle for your next sprint/cycle/project. Marcus will cover the current state of Shift Left, and pull the audience both earlier and later in the timeline, to a state where our software emits signals at every point. Using the most current information from leaders in the Observability space, a new picture will emerge–one of transparency, continuity, and most important: confidence.

Marcus R Merrell

Marcus R Merrell

Director of Technical Services at Sauce Labs, USA

Marcus Merrell is the Director of Technical Services at Sauce Labs, provider of the world’s most comprehensive and trusted continuous testing cloud. He is well-versed in helping software developers with release management, CI/CD, cloud software, and test architecture. A frequent speaker at industry conferences worldwide, Marcus’s work in quality engineering spans 20 years, and he is also a contributor to the Selenium project and the co-chair of the Selenium Conference Organizing Committee.