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Bullshit driven development

Feb, 28


Stage A


50 min.


BDD seems to be a nice idea. But I have never seen it really working.
The original idea behind BDD was collaboration with customer, and it simply does not work. What we get instead:

  • Frameworks that make tests much more complexer.
  • Tests structures that make tests much more harder to write.
  • Organization structures that make learning much more difficult.
  • Beautiful reports with screenshots that nobody reads.

Let’s talk about real cost of BDD and consider if it’s worth it.

Andrei Solntsev

Andrei Solntsev

Codeborne, Estonia

Andrei is a software developer with 15+ years of experience in enterprise software development and automated testing. Author of selenide.org – open-source library of concise UI tests. Active speaker at conferences and communities. Aggressive fan of clean code, XP, automated tests and TDD.