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Building a successful test automation architecture in a microservices environment

Feb 24th

11:00 – 11:45

Stage A


45 minutes


This talk is going to explain some good practices about testing microservices. In this talk I’m going to present my experiences in microservices as a tester and talk about general structure of testing, answering these questions:

– How is it different than a classical monolith approach?
– Keeping it simple, keeping it modular, keeping it seperated.
– Contracts and mocks.
– Utilising containers.
– Layering your testing strategy.

Alper Mermer

Alper Mermer

Lead Quality Consultant at ThoughtWorks, UK

Alper has been testing software for about 10 years. Worked in various verticals like finance, telecom and online retail. He is a quality freak who is obsessed with details and questioning. He has been hosting the QA community Test Hive for about 2 years with regular biweekly events in Istanbul, Turkey and Manchester, UK.