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Bug prediction based on your code history

March 3rd


Stage A


45 minutes


The talk is about a possibility of creation non-static code analyzer which will point a dev team to some unobvious bugs in the system based on machine learning technics.

We will become acquainted with Weka — the machine learning tool for exploratory development of the algorithm, also, we will take a closer look on basic algorithms for classification: Decision Trees, SVM and Naive Bayes classifier.

Real life examples will show you how the development life cycle can be improved with AI technics.

Alexey Tokar

Alexey Tokar

VP of Engineering at WorldAPP, Ukraine

Software Developer, Database Administrator in a wide variety of business applications. Particularly interested in software design and software development methodologies based on iterative development. Always seek the purity, flexibility and extensibility of code. Automation addicted. Thursday hater.