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BOF: What is missing from the modern automation engineer?


45 minutes


Let’s talk about what modern automated testing lacks today. Tools? Hardware? Infrastructure? Understanding of “What are they doing”? Understanding of “Why are they doing it”? Ability to communicate with developers? Perseverance? Ability to work in a team? Mind? Keep trying to find the truth!

Dmitriy Gumeniuk

Dmitriy Gumeniuk

Senior Delivery Manager at EPAM, Belarus

13 years in Software Development. Java stack development, Test Automation fellow, product management, agile engineering and test automation at any scale. Active participant and conference speaker. For the last 7 years leading solution accelerators development for test automation, focusing of Machine Learning and Neural Networks usage in testing, at the moment. Dmitriy contributes into the practice and community by leading local communities and DevTestOps conference called DelEx Conf (http://delex-conf.com).