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Better Bullshit Driven Development

Feb 25th

12:00 – 12:45

Stage A


45 minutes


BDD stands as Behaviour Driven Development and was invented to increase efficiency of ATDD by involving Business Analysts/Product Owners to write Acceptance Criteria in “ready to be automated by developers” format – Gherkin. Then customers and managers invented Bullshit Driven Development when had made automation engineers write both Gherkin and implementation of its steps just for one reason: make tests and their reports readable. This is a classic “hammering nails with a microscope” example, when engineers have to add additional limiting layers to test framework for no any valuable reason. Because… There is much simpler and more powerful way to make simple xUnit tests and reports readable. And in this talk we will learn how. How to implement common xUnit tests in BDD style and make everyone happy – test automation engineer, customer and manager. 😉

Iuliia Iliukhina

Iuliia Iliukhina

Software Developer in Test at Automician, Ukraine

IT Engineer with more than 18 years experience in software development, support, testing, writing documentation (mostly specialised software for manufacture planning & accounting). Last 2 years works in Automician on Web UI Automation projects, opensource libraries development, and training students in Test Automation.