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AWS hurries to the rescue

March 3rd


Stage B


45 minutes


Very often I’m finding that many people in IT world either don’t know about AWS or any other public cloud or doesn’t have enough experience with it. I often see questions and problems through chats, Slack channels or forums that can be easily solved with AWS help and very often this solution will be very cheap or even free.

In this talk, I want to share my experience of using AWS services for solving different tasks in my daily work not only for testing but in many other areas as well. I also want to introduce AWS to the people who have no idea about what cloud computing is. I’m not affiliated with AWS in any way and they don’t pay me for this. It means that there will be no marketing bullshit, but only my personal blood and tears.

In my talk, I will mention both foundational AWS services, like S3 or EC2, and new things, that may become a “”Next Big Thing””, like Lambda. I will share my experience of using them, problems that I found and results that I’ve got.

Artem Nikitin

Artem Nikitin

System Engineer at HERE, Germany

Artem has started on the client side of different web applications, then has moved to the backend and now he is mostly working on CI, infrastructure and automation topics. Started to use AWS in 2010. Contributor to Open AWS Guide and some other open source projects. Gopher since 2015. A very passionate believer in point of view that testing is not about bugs and reports, but about the overall improvement of quality, speed, and engineering productivity.