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Automated testing in Playtika: the story of evolution

March 3rd


Stage C


45 minutes


Playtika started from a single monolithic application several years ago occasionally covered with unit tests. But now we have sophisticated architecture with hundred of microservices that handle several games, dozens of platforms and hundreds of features supporting millions of users. This all should work like a charm day and night. Which is definitely not possible without automated testing. So I will tell how Playtika has developed testing infrastructure with different layers of testing; what kind of tests we have and what for; when and where we run them; how we monitor them and which reports we build; what kinds of tools we use and why and more else. But the most important is which pitfalls we met on our way and the lessons we extracted from it.

Oleksandra Kulyk

Oleksandra Kulyk

Software Developer at Playtika, Ukraine

During the last several years Oleksandra has been developed microservices in Playtika. Half a year ago she decided to learn more about testing of complicated systems (because testing is an inalienable part of the development process) so she have joined Test Automation Team. And now she has enough to share about testing experience in Playtika.

Slides could be found here.