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Automated Performance Testing With WebDriver


45 minutes


Every frontend engineer is cautious about the speed of his web application, and many companies have SLAs that require their apps to be responsible after a certain time in order to not loose the attention of potential customers. Until this day, though, most web application are shipped without or just with a passive check of its performance.

Performance implications are difficult to understand and hard to predict. With Lighthouse, WebPageTest and other tools you are already able to capture tons of performance metrics of your application. However understanding and testing them often feels difficult and painful. By leveraging the browser DevTools capabilities you can enhance your functional test suite with testing methods that allow to make performance checks part of your test routine.

In this talk you will learn everything about performance and how to test it from end to end. Starting from what performance means for your users, how it can be captured using WebDriver, up to how you can build tests to automate your performance checks in CI/CD.

Christian Bromann

Christian Bromann

Senior Lead Software Engineer at Sauce Labs, Germany

Christian Bromann is the lead engineer at the DevTools team at Sauce Labs and is constantly trying to find ways that allow to automate beyond the WebDriver protocol using browser technologies that already exist today. His passion about open source made him the core maintainer of WebdriverIO, one of the first NPM packages that brought test automation to Node.js.