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Automated API tests with Postman

Feb 24th

13:00 – 13:45

Stage C


45 minutes


This talk will explain you that automation of API is not a challenge and everyone even with basic knowledge of programming language can create his own automated regression list using Postman.

We will review what is API and how to test it in general. Also we will learn how to make a Postman’s collection of tests and how to work with an environment variables. You will see how to run an automated API tests from Postman and from a command line.

If you do not know what is API and how to test it, but you want to do it and you are on your way to testing API, then this talk is just for you.

Oleksandr Chubatyi

Oleksandr Chubatyi

QA Engineer at Softjourn, Ukraine

Oleksandr is a Software QA Engineer. Has 2 years experience of manual testing and test automation for a year. Has skills in UI Test Automation with Selenide and Performance testing with Apache JMeter. He has been worked on financial project for more than 2 years and loves his job.