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Asynchronous Selenium: how to survive JS testing

Feb 25th

15:00 – 15:45

Stage B


45 minutes


JavaScript is a trending and one of the most popular language in the world. What makes it different from others? It’s asynchronous. This have its benefits for development but for testing it brings only downsides. Every single operatin in Selenium requires a promise, writing and hanling those promises can become complete disaster. What asynchronity is, how to write sane tests with it?

We will try to review approaches to managing async nature of JavaScript. We will also take a brief look into different Webdriver tools for JS (Selenium Webdriver JS, Protractor, webdriverio, Nightwatch, CucumberJS, CodeceptJS) and how they can be used for testing.

Michael Bodnarchuk

Michael Bodnarchuk

Lead Developer at Codegyre, Ukraine

Michael @davert is a web developer passionate about testing. In order to build better software he started by building a better testing tools, which are Codeception and CodeceptJS testing frameworks. He promotes pragmatical testing approach for PHP and JS developers and loves testing with Selenium.

Slides may be found here.