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AspectJ in Test Automation


45 minutes


AspectJ is a de facto standard implementation of Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) in Java. In this talk we are going to meet this tool, see how it works under the hood and what kind of problems it might help you to solve in Test Automation. For example, the most beneficial application of it is the possibility to log methods called during the test execution without adding logging commands explicitly. We will see how AspectJ is used in other tools and frameworks like Allure and Spring, and what is the price of the magic. Of course, there will be a demo.

Maksym Barvinskyi

Maksym Barvinskyi

Lead Software Engineer in Test at EPAM, Ukraine

Maksym started as a QA Engineer in 2009, in several months he started to automate stuff and could not stop ever since. Worked mostly with Java, also Python and C#. Now he is Lead Software Engineer in Test at EPAM in Kyiv. Open-minded person always looking for improvements. Motto: don’t let the human do the machine work.

Slides are available here.