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Architecture of automated test cases for legacy applications

Feb. 28


Stage B


50 min.


In this talk we are going to highlight the architectural approach for test-driven automation we’ve successfully used in a number of legacy enterprise projects.
At first, when we got a legacy project to automate and a big team of testers, we’ve used the traditional way – automated on test-by-test basis. The results were lower of our expectations – we’ve missed the deadlines and we’ve encountered a number of problems on the way:

  • different testers covered similar functionality in a different way, so we’ve got a lot of duplicated code;
  • a method reused by different people sometimes turned out to be huge;
  • the quality of manual test cases used as input was low, customer team feedback usually was delayed or missing, which slowed down automation in particular cases.

After first failures, we’ve came up with an approach that allowed us to avoid these problems in all following automation projects.

Mykhaylo Vasylchenko

Mykhaylo Vasylchenko

Intro Pro, Ukraine

Expert in automated testing with 8+ years of experience in automation frameworks development, teams creating and leading. Developed automation frameworks based on Java/C# languages using different tools like: Test Complete, WebUI test studio (Telerk tool), VS 2010, Jmeter, Robot framework, Selenium, Lisa ITKO, Soap UI. Since 2013 managing QA automation team for DIRECTV legacy applications.