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An easy way to automate complex UI

Feb 24th

14:00 – 14:45

Stage B


45 minutes


This talk is a brief overview of how we deal with UI test architecture on our project. Complex backend, SPA as a frontend, 20+ different brands and 100+ features for each, more and more code.

We will discuss:

– fakes and test doubles, approaches how to build and maintain them;
– development patterns, which help you to make your architecture more simple, stable and readable;
– tips and tricks – how to make your life with UI tests easier.

Ivan Pashko

Ivan Pashko

Automation Engineer at Ciklum, Ukraine

7 years in IT, 5 years in test automation as an automation engineer. Experienced in development with different frameworks (Watin, WeDriverJs, Protractor, Selenium WebDriver) on .Net and JavaScript.