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Ragavan Ambighananthan

Ragavan Ambighananthan

Expedia, UK

Throughout his 14 years in Software Industry, Ragavan have worked as Test Automation engineer across various domains like Network Management, Mobile, comparison sites, online security and online travel.

Currently working in Expedia as Sr. Test Automation Engineer, guiding all teams on the best practices of UI automation, trying various new technologies for mobile, tools for parallelisation, cloud based solutions for cross browser and mobile testing automation.

Last couple of years gave him lots of opportunities in his current role to work on improving reliability of UI automation, parallelise the tests and find ways to store and produce nice reports that helps teams to get down to failure causes quickly!

Ragavan likes open source tools and have contributed to them in the form of bug fixes: TLB (Test Load Balancer), Cucumber, SeleniumGridScalaer, Selenium-Webdriver, SimLauncher, etc.