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Oleg Volodin

Oleg Volodin

Self-employed, Ukraine

Oleg is a technical manager and entrepreneur with 10 years’ experience in product development. He builds a business from scratch, acquires customers and generates positive revenue stream. In the same time, he is a technical person. Thus, his hands-on skills are in the following technology areas:

– General: SOA, algorithms, TDD, AQA and DevOps.
– Web: C#, ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework, Bootstrap, TypeScript, LESS.
– Mobile/cross-platform: C++, Objective-C, Qt, Apache Thrift, RabbitMQ.

Oleg is a big fun on strongly reliable architecture. By simple words, he dreams to create apps with technologies that does not allow compiling product if a business logic incorrect and app fails in user hands.