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Watson: rethinking test reports

Abstract: Reports… They have always been troublesome. Nobody wants to generate “any reports” after loads of hard work on hacking autotests. At the same time, team members are hardly satisfied with the reports they are provided. Even if your reports are decent at the moment, more than likely something will have to be changed when your automated test suite is two or three times larger. About what was “painful” and how we managed it, I will tell at Selenium Camp.
Format: Talk (50 minutes)
Language: Russian
Nikita Makarov

Nikita Makarov

Odnoklassniki, Russia

He worked in outsourcing and at product companies, where he was responsible for testing and test automation of embedded Linux-based operating systems, enterprise VPN-solutions with high complexity level, as well as hardware and software systems. Since January 2012, he has been the head of Test Automation Group at “Odnoklassniki”.