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Getting started with GhostDriver

Описание: GhostDriver, the WebDriver implementation for PhantomJS, reached 1.0. It doesn’t implement yet all the WireProtocol specs, but it’s now going through the “hardening process”: people have started adopting it and bug reporting is on the rise.

I’ll show you how easy is to get started with it and how you can integrate it in your daily workflow. Also, what’s the best way to raise bugs against it, so that We can make it better! In addition I’ll share the “lesson learned” during the development and how this is affecting the project as well as it’s developer(s).

Come along if you like headless stuff! This talk should help you get started with GhostDriver, and also help you to help us making it better!

Тип выступления: Доклад (50 минут)
Ivan De Marino

Ivan De Marino

Amazon, UK

Ivan is a Senior Software Development Engineer, currently working at Amazon. He is a core developer on the PhantomJS project, to which he contributed many API, fixes and user support. Ivan is also the author of the GhostDriver project (WebDriver for PhantomJS). He cares about best development practice, testing, performance and automation, and he enjoys appliying a wide spectrum of skills to solve problems. You can find Ivan on GitHub, Twitter, LinkedIn, Speaker Deck or read his own blog.

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