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Increase Selenium tests stability via JavaScript

Abstract: UI-tests are not really stable. Some sync point might be missed and tests will be red from time to time without any obvious reason. Or accidentally some focus might go away and button will not be clicked. These and other cases make automated testing results unpredictable and these results are not trusted.

In my speech I want to share the experience how to reach reliable and reproducible results with Selenium tests. In order to reach it we should sacrifice to 100% end user emulation. The presentation is based on the real project where this idea was successful. Also more common recommendations will be given publicity.

Format: Talk (50 minutes)
Language: Russian
Igor Khrol

Igor Khrol

Wargaming, Belarus

Automated testing specialist. About 7 years experience in test automation in various roles: engineer, architect, manager, consultant, trainer. Experience in the majority of popular tools (Selenium, HP QTP, TestComplete, JMeter). Using Selenium more then 5 years starting from the early versions. Regular speaker of SeleniumCamp conference. Shares his thoughts about automated testing at the blog.