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Quality assurance in project with Machine Learning


45 minutes


Despite a lot of information regarding machine learning, it’s still not clear how QA could participate in the process of its development. Using real handmade example of the mobile application for the recognition of handwritten letters, we are going to review all the steps that were taken for its development.

As the result, we will make some assumptions about how QAs could be integrated into this process.

We are going to talk about:

– Dataset
– Building the ML model
– Mobile application
– Post-deployment support

The talk will be interesting for people who even don’t know about ML as we will start with some basic introduction.

Pavel Strunkin

Pavel Strunkin

Automation QA Engineer at Ciklum, Spain

Automation QA with more than 6 years of experience. QA Dnepr community organiser in the past now living and working in Spain. Interested in machine learning and particularly in its application in testing.

Slides may be found here.