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QA service mesh approach


45 minutes


As a Test Automation Architect have you ever solved the following problems (in the scope of testing a web application):

– impossible to work with file system on the server side (when SSH is unavailable or is the reason of tests flakiness);
– chaos in developing and maintaining of mocks/stubs for integration testing with 3rd-party systems;
– developers refuse to expose API that is needed only for testing.

I will describe the TAA approach of having a web application for testing needs that could resolve these and other problems. We will call this application QA Web Services and deploy it on the same server/container as the SUT.

We will consider benefits and drawbacks of the approach, go through useful tips. The target audience is Senior+ test automation engineers and Solution architects, basically it would be useful for anyone who wants to enhance the automation infrastructure, so that all team members would win.

Maksym Barvinskyi

Maksym Barvinskyi

Chief Test Automation Engineer at EPAM, Ukraine

Have worked in test automation for more than 8 years. Major programming languages: Java and Python. Jenkins fan. Open-minded person who always looking for improvements. Author of the tool for managing test data: http://www.grible.org. Motto: don’t let the human do the machine work.