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Mobile automation state in 2019


45 minutes


2018 was another year full of updates in mobile testing area. Appium finally released Espresso Driver, migrated to W3C protocol, added find by image functionally and even exposed integration for custom plugins for element search, that anybody can develop and use.

On the other side, Google released AndroidX Test, open-sourced set of cross platform APIs that should make native test framework attractive as never before. Apple gave a speed boost with Parallel Distributed Testing in Xcode 10 and several cloud providers launch XCUITest support on real devices. Does Appium have anything left to oppose native test frameworks? Do Espresso/XCUITest still have any weakness?

I would like to address these questions and compare current state of each framework, its functionality, revive weakness and points to consider while selecting any of them.

Dmitry Lemeshko

Dmitry Lemeshko

Developer in Test at Elastic, Germany

Developer in Test with passion for open-source projects. Member of amazing Kibana Team. Started in early 2012 with WebDriver + Java came first, followed by CodedUI and TestComplete for desktop apps. Before joining Elastic, Dmitry was building mobile automation during 3+ years in different companies and countries, using Appium/Espresso/XCUITest with integration in SauceLabs/TestDroid/Selenoid. Contirbutes to Appium & in top 3 StackOverflow user with Appium tag.