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Let’s talk about Atlas


45 minutes


In the test automation industry, the Page Object pattern has been used for more than 8 years. During this time, Java has been updated from JDK7 to JDK11. It’s time to update the Page Object pattern. Atlas – Next Generation of Page Object, which uses the interfaces instead of classes, Page Object tree structure, embedded waits and clear assertions. In talk, I will tell about the core functionality of the framework, the developer, which I am and show it extension points. I will also demonstrate how to use one PageObject for two platform: IOS & Android without boilerplate code.

Artem Sokovets

Artem Sokovets

Leading Engineer of Automation QA at Sberbank-Technology, Russia

Artem is Lead Engineer of test automation. He deep dive into testing of Sberbank Ecosystem, specifically develop of automated scripts from UT to E2E for Unified Frontal System and supporting Selenium Cluster as Moon Project in OpenShift. In free time is studying Kotlin and contribute to opensource projects. Love clean code in tests.