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Grid Router – scalable and fault tolerant solution for grid

February 27th


Stage A


50 minutes


On the size of hundreds or even thousands browsers, stock Selenium grid works unstable and slow. It doesn’t scale and doesn’t provide fault tolerance.

In Yandex for many years we used client side balancing over multi-hub installation to solve these problems. It was easy when only testers did testing, when they used the same jUnit approach and ran tests in the same environment (our AQuA framework). But when developers joined testers and brought their JS and Python frameworks, we realized that client side approach doesn’t work for Yandex as a whole.

In 2015 we introduced Grid Router solution.

– It works like hub for tests.
– It provides fault tolerance and scales infinitely.
– It uses only stock Selenium packages.
– It works in a cloud and includes specific strategy for hubs in the cloud.
– It is open-source.

In almost a year of using and tuning we found out a lot about our solution, got an interesting and wide experience in setting up browser instances including IEs and mobile browsers and keep moving.

In my talk I want to dig into details of Grid Router solution, share our experience and plans.

Mikhail Levin

Mikhail Levin

Yandex, Russia

Head of testing tools service in Yandex. Experienced test and project manager with the profound knowledge of IT infrastructure, testing tools, manual testing and automation testing strategies. Has 11 years of testing and test management experience, 6+ years of successful team management experience.