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Contract based testing for microservices and UI


45 minutes


The talk will be about building integration testing approach for microservices architecture, building contract based approach as a layer of integration testing between the services. Also I’ll share how it can also be applied to UI testing, when we separate UI from backend and then use just regular Selenium for UI verifications, as well as to client side performance testing. This will be a success story with real achievements and challenges described, lessons learned and where to start if you want to reorganize your testing pyramid into a perfect one and have tests pass rate almost 100%.

Alisa Pietivotova

Alisa Pietivotova

Lead Software Test Automation Engineer at EPAM, Ukraine

Lead Software Test Automation Engineer at EPAM Systems. Expert in .Net, building and testing web services, integrating test automation process into Agile and building perfect test pyramid for micro services project architecture. Proud test lead of a perfect team, gamer and optimist.