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Bulletproof Selenium Cluster


1 hour 30 minutes


Browser tests are known to be the flakiest ones. This is partly because browser infrastructure is complicated to maintain. But the second reason is – main stream browser automation tools such as Selenium server are far from being efficient.

A year ago I have shown Selenoid – a truly efficient replacement of the standard Selenium server. This year I would like to demostrate how to organize a fault-tolerant and easily scalable Selenium cluster using virtual machines in the cloud. I will start by setting up several Selenoid nodes and configure them to send logs and recorded videos to S3-compatible storage. Then I will run multiple Ggr load balancer instances allowing to use all running Selenoid nodes and organize a single entry point to the cluster. Finally we’ll discuss how to work with VNC and video recording in such cluster.

Ivan Krutov

Ivan Krutov

Developer at Aerokube, Russia

More than 10 years of Java и Golang development experience. Working with large-scale Selenium infrastructure more than 5 years. Selenoid project core maintainer.