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Break Up the Monolith: Testing Microservices


45 minutes


Microservices is more than a buzzword: it’s an industry-wide tidal wave. Companies are spending millions to break up monoliths and spin up microservices, but they usually only involve QA at the very end. This talk centers around real-world experiences, posing questions you can ask your developers/product people, and offering solutions for you to help make your service more discoverable, more testable, and easier to release.

Marcus Merrell

Marcus Merrell

Director of Technical Services at Sauce Labs, USA

Marcus Merrell has written UI and API test frameworks since 2001. He holds sacred the idea that test frameworks should be approached, developed, and tested just as carefully as that of production software. He has recently shifted to Sauce Labs, as the Director of Technical Services. His team can be found all over the world, helping improve the process and quality of Sauce Labs customers at all levels.