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Webdriver – the final frontier

Abstract: Testing was always there during stages of human civilization. I’ll show you how it all started and why there had to be invented a tool to fill the void in area of web applications testing. Let’s analyze together what and why made Webdriver such a big success. Things look different when you’ve got a better perspective and it’s always worth doing a retrospection to have a better understanding of the forces that make obvious, the things that may seem accidental.

Webdriver is not dead. It’s a living standard that defines how UI testing is made. I’ll give a sneak peak into (not distant) future and show you what attempts have been already undertaken to push the progression of Webdriver even more forward – both for production and experimental applications.

Format: Talk (50 minutes)
Language: English
Bernard Kobos

Bernard Kobos

Sauce Labs, Poland/USA

I started creating my first programs during primary school inspired by older brothers’ IT class home assignments. During years I’ve developed bigger and smaller applications in various programming languages both as professional assignments and personal pet projects.

More than a year ago I joined Sauce Labs as I wanted to be able to focus on testing and work in environment where testing and good practices is the first thing you think about. Tuned out that there is even more than that as we’re helping other developers to make their software better.