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Decorating WebDriver

Abstract: WebDriver provides only basic functionality “out of the box”. It is intended to be extended to perform complex tasks. There are many ways to extend the current feature set. “Outer” way is designing higher level APIs on the base of WebDriver primitive API. “Inner way” is tuning WebDriver functions to add new fearures like logging or alerts handling. I’m going to present a library that allows to create WebDriver wrappers using Decorator design parrern. I’ll show a series of sample extensions implemented with this library: detailed logging, custom implicit waits, elements highlightling, alerts handling and some other.
Format: Talk (50 minutes)
Language: Russian
Alexei Barantsev

Alexei Barantsev

Software-Testing.Ru, Russia

Works in testing since 1994, in test automation since 1994. Took part in developing test generation tools based on formal approaches. Spend several years automating enterprise applications on API and GUI levels. Selenium Core Commiter since 2011. The owner of Software-Testing.Ru and a driver of Russian testing community. Trainer and consultant in software testing and automation. The most complete set of trainings on Selenium in the field.