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State of Selenium Webdriver in PHP

Abstract: PHP has no official selenium bindings, and that makes test automation experience pretty uncommon. Nowdays there are 3 popular libraries for using Selenium with PHP:

  • PHPUnit Selenium2 TestCase – extension for the most popular unit testing framrwork
  • element34/php-webdriver – standalone library initially developed by facebook team and adopted in Mink framework
  • facebook/php-webdriver – new version of php-webdriver developed by the facebook, but now with much cleaner api and strcuture. The initial version of it was announced in July 2013 on SeleniumConf. And now the project is pretty mature to try.

In my talk I will try to overview these libraries. And will suggest what testing frameworks of PHP to choose for using them.

Format: Talk (50 minutes)
Language: Russian
Michael Bodnarchuk

Michael Bodnarchuk

Codegyre, Ukraine

PHP developer widely interested in testing and testing evangelist. Lead developer of open-source testing framework Codeception. Contributor of php-webdriver library, unofficial Selenium bindings for PHP.


Slides may be found here. Code samples was uploaded on github.