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SWD Page Recorder – record your Page Objects fast like a ninja!

Abstract: Have you already discovered the power of using Page Objects in your test automation code? Well, in this case you might notice you have to do an extremely boring operation all the times: manually declare and debug your PageObject elements. Finding the locators and wrapping them into your definitions may consume lots of your time. Debugging XPath in Interterm Explorer might be a real challenge…

SWD Page Recorder aims you to record and test your PageObject elements for all supported (by Selenium WebDriver) web browser, providing the same set of tools for each. The resulting code of the a Page Object can be generated into your programming language of chose: C#, Java, Ruby, Python and Perl are supported out of the box.

Format: Talk (50 minutes)
Language: Russian
Dmytro Zharii

Dmytro Zharii

EPAM, Ukraine

A Software Tester which loves reading, writing and hacking the code. Having more than 7 years on testing and test automation field, gathering the best practices and continuously learning the craft. At the present time, specializing on building acceptance and functional testing frameworks with Selenium Webdriver using C#/.NET platform and tools.


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