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Selenium IDE and Beyond

Описание: Selenium IDE is one of the easiest and fastest way to automate web application testing. This talk gives you an introduction to Selenium IDE 2.0 and its ecosystem of powerful plugins and how you can use it to become a power user and improve your productivity for testing as well as development. It also gives you a glimpse into the things to come as well as the way to move away from it when your requirements outgrow it.
Тип выступления: Доклад (50 минут)
Samit Badle

Samit Badle

TomTom, Netherlands

Samit lives in Amsterdam and is a Selenium Committer and Maintainer of the Selenium IDE. He is also the author of several Selenium IDE plugins. He is a Oracle Certified Java Programmer, Microsoft Certified Solution Developer and is also a ISEB certified tester and loves programming in Scala, Perl and JavaScript. He blogs on Selenium, Testing and other stuff at blog.reallysimplethoughts.com.

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