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WebDriver Internals

Описание: Ever wondered what Selenium 2 looks like under the hood? This talk will walk you through the architecture of WebDriver, the current state of the art in browser automation. WebDriver has a small, object-oriented API and a flexible architecture that allows us to automate six browsers across most operating systems from four programming languages. With the benefit of hindsight, we’ve taken the best parts of Selenium RC (leveraging HTTP) and left out the worst (JavaScript sandbox and dictionary-based API). If you’ve only used Selenium from an end-user perspective, you’ll walk away from this talk with a better understanding of the technology that make Selenium tick, and some tips on how to contribute to the project.
Тип выступления: Доклад (50 минут)
Jari Bakken

Jari Bakken

Oslo, Norway

As a core developer on both the Selenium and Watir projects, and the founder of related projects such as watir-webdriver, Jari has extensive experience in the web test automation space. Since late 2009 his open source efforts have been focused on Selenium 2/WebDriver, for which he wrote and maintains the official Ruby bindings. His watir-webdriver project, an implementation of Watir’s API on top of the WebDriver techonlogy, marks an important step forward in consolidating the Watir and Selenium projects on the best browser automation tech available. By day, Jari works as a senior test engineer for the Norwegian classified ads site FINN.no, where he develops automation solutions and test infrastructure. By night, he enjoys hacking on Ruby tools and making use of his degree in jazz guitar.

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